From pre-construction to close out, Earthfields provides a level of expertise that gives our customers the peace of mind that they’ve selected the right contractor.  To us, each project is as unique as the customers we serve.

Plant and Equipment

Skilled manpower and productive equipment are the backbone of timely, fast and efficient execution of Earthfields’ construction projects. The company owns modern construction plant & equipment and continues to increase its plant & equipment portfolio. Maintenance is undertaken by our skilled technicians at our workshop thus ensuring optimum performance and availability. All Earthfields operations are governed by the cardinal rule of “Safety First”.

Environmental Health and Safety

Environmental Health and Safety is an integral part of risk management at Earthfields, responsible for oversight and implementation of the company’s health and safety programs. Earthfields is committed to implementing Environmental, Health and Safety standards by undertaking and conducting business that is safe to our employees, the public, and the environment in which we operate. We continually evaluate our operations and controls with the aim of making our organization the best in the industry.

Earthfields’ safety first philosophy is best captured by the acronym “L.I.F.E.” (Living Injury Free Everyday). The L.I.F.E. approach strives to eliminate all worksite incidents through pre-planning construction activities with safety engagement commencing at project pursuit.  These standards along with our policies, mandatory safety inspections and training programs have created a comprehensive and effective safety organization. L.I.F.E. is supported by four guiding principles:

  • Injuries are Preventable
  • Perform a Job Only if it is Safe
  • Working Safely is a Condition of Employment
  • Practice and Expect Safe Behavior Everywhere, Every Day.

No job is so important – order so urgent – deadline so crucial – that we cannot take time to perform our work safely. We expect each employee and project partner to cooperate in making this program a success.

Our customized services include the following:

  • Pre-Construction Services
  • General Contracting
  • Construction Management
  • Design Build
  • Sustainable Construction


Safety…it’s not just a goal but responsibility.

The safety of our employees is a top priority. We get every member of our team involved in the safety process, from top management to workers in the field. At Earthfields, safety isn’t just a set of rules…it’s an attitude. Our safety policies focus on the employee and the way they approach situations.

Encouraging employees to take responsibility is the key to a successful safety program. Our policy is given to all employees and subcontractors and we require our subcontractors to have their own safety programs.

To back up our commitment, we have a full time Safety Coordinator who oversees safety on each of our projects. The role of the Safety Coordinator is to help the Superintendents achieve and maintain a safe working environment.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is built in every project.

We are proud to be an Accredited Quality Contractor through the NCA. As part of our commitment to quality, we have a full-time Customer Relations Warranty Manager.

This experienced customer relations warranty manager handles all post-construction issues that fall within the warranty period of the building. This is the main contact to receive, follow up and sign off any issues that may arise during the warranty period.

Our operational excellence values flow through the Quality of our end product, Human Capital development, Health and Safety as well as implementation of Operational Excellence. We committed to the delivery of a high quality product, to our clients and other stakeholders that meet internationally recognized standards, specification and practices………………………….

Construction Management

Earthfields’ Construction Management process exceeds project and Owner objectives through structured and consistent systems and procedures as applied by a highly-talented Project Team especially selected for each project based on their relevant experience and capabilities.

General Contracting

Our philosophy for General Contracting is to proactively work closely
with all members of the Project Team to identify specific project challenges and opportunities in order to develop thorough strategies to meet strict schedule and cost objectives.

Design - Build

Earthfields’ collaborative approach to Design-Build brings the design firm
and the subcontractors together in a focused, team-oriented relationship offering Owners a single source of contact and responsibility. Earthfields has consistently demonstrated its successful Design-Build capabilities and approach as a delivery system in both the industrial and
commercial sectors in private and public industries.

Owner's Representative

Today’s complex construction projects demand an experienced Owner’s advocate to ensure your best interests are being met in all aspects of the project. Our Owner’s Representative Services ensure best-in-class performance and clear communication among Owners, contractors, vendors and architects. Throughout the project our team will help control expenditures and improve processes.

Preconstruction Services

Earthfields’ preconstruction services include design review, constructability analysis, value engineering, as well as detailed, accurate and easy to understand estimates. By maintaining a variety of disciplines and expertise within our preconstruction staff, not depending on external sub-consultants, and utilizing state-of-the art estimating software, Earthfields ensures our clients the best quality and cost return for their construction budget(s).

Sustainable Design

Earthfield believes that sustainable design makes sense and it is our responsibility to implement green practices. Sustainable designs can offer a significant operating cost-savings to owners while having a positive impact on the environment. The  rating system is made up of five main credit designations: Sustainable Sites, Water Efficiency, Energy & Atmosphere, Materials & Resources, and Indoor Environmental Quality.